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[April 06, 2008]
I'm in love with someone I won't allow myself to have.

Isn't it swell?

English assignment:
As long as we hold onto, with all the might we can muster, the initial infatuation we had with each other, which, save for periodic lapses, has kept us together, and destroys previous obligations which became insignificant in your hazel eyes; as long as the external forces on us-the pressures of our peers, the world’s insistence on normalcy, and the expectation of short relationships controlled by the sustaining and vanquishing hormones rushing through our bodies-are combated head on by us; as long as, in those tough times, we find ways to express ourselves; that is, so long as the possibility of blind acceptance thrives in our lives, our love will persist.

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html check [December 13, 2007]
I haven't posted here in awhile. I've been going through a minor identity crisis, so I haven't been taking as many photos as I usually do. Anyway, as one step in a long process of rediscovering myself, I bought a Canon EOS ELAN circa 1990. I decided to strip away all the comforts of digital photography and editing. And I bought shitty Harvest Foods 200 speed film, just to see the results. Anyway, here are the results:
massive photozCollapse )

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[August 01, 2007]



[April 19, 2007]



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lol [April 03, 2007]
I've been delaying restarting to blog because I convinced myself that in order to spill my life for perfect strangers, I must have a clean start.

This isn't a clean start. It's the opposite; my brain is twisted and folded and jumbled up, and I am being pulled at all sides by conflicts, both the real ones, and the ones I invent for myself. I am going to actually keep up with livejournal this time. That's probably a lie. Probably, five weeks from now I'll remember to check anything but my friends page and I'll realize that this is just another forgotten resolution.

So, what has Jay been doing?

I think I am the most self deprivating person ever to hate their skin, face, body, personality, lack of ability to focus their eye muscles on two planes of vision at the same time. I spend entire periods in school focusing between the tip of my pen and the teacher's head. Poking it off isn't as easy as it seems to be, as the two objects are so far apart that it is impossible to focus them together.


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